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Tree Surgery Services

We offer all aspects of Tree Surgery throughout Wirral, Cheshire, The North West and North Wales from complete tree removal to pruning, crown lifting, pollarding or any other type of tree surgery. We have over 44 years experience in Tree Surgery. We are fully insured and qualified.  Our services also include stump grinding/tree stump removal, hedge trimming and tree reports. 

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Tree Surgery Services

Professional, Insured, Experienced.
  • Dead Wooding
    Removal of dead wood to necessary points to make safe or improve appearance.


  • Crown Clean out
    Crown Clean Out involves removal of all defects: dead wood, foreign objects, crossing, rubbing and diseased branches.


  • Pollarding
    Heavy reduction of top and side branches so that the tree may produce a dense growth of new shoots.


  • Re-pollarding
    The removal of all limbs and branches to previous pollard points, this is carried out after pollarding.

  • Tree Pruning (Reductions)
    Tree Pruning is carried out to reduce a tree’s overall size, this is usually done between 10% and 30%, this will rebalance the tree, By rebalancing the tree you are making it more manageable, it also increases the amount of light surrounding the area of the tree and improve the overall appearance.


  • Tree Pruning (Crown Thinning)
    Completed for a number of reasons: safety, to reduce weight, to produce more flower or fruit, to admit more light and air through the crown.


  • Tree Pruning (Crown Lifting)
    Removal of the lowest branches usually to create a more uniformed height allowing more light and greater access for pedestrians, properties, street furniture and traffic.


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